PYRO Mini Stove (Household Stove)

Available Models :

1st pan diamter (cm) Wt. of cooked food Time taken 2nd pan diamter Fuel burning rate kg/hr MRP in Rs (Taxes as applicable)
30 cm 7.46 kg for 8-10 meals 1 hr 20 min/td> 25 cm 1.6 kg 3000-3500

Household Stove
              1 Household Stove 1

Features :

  • PYRO Mini is a 2 pan household stove. Simultaneous cooking in two pans saves time
  • Designed for on site assembly and easy transportation
  • Ideal for 4-6 member households
  • It can use firewood, small twigs and agro residues
  • Mild steel exterior and stainless steel interior Height  25-30 cms and weight 14 kgs
  • Cast iron gate for good burning
  • Air vents for flame control
  • Cold face insulation bricks
  • Burning rate 0.7 - 1 kg / hr
  • Natural draft – does not use fans or blower
  • Reduces fuel consumption by 30-40%
  • Multiple variants of chimney to expel minimally released smoke
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PYRO Agni Sakhi Stove

Household Stove

Features :

  • Recurring cost of fuel for cooking is almost 0 when using locally collected biomass
  • Can start and function with no smoke or soot
  • Allows fuel control, air control and cooks reasonably fast
  • Multi-fuel used such as agro residues, twigs, cashew shells, husks etc (Any biomass fuel size up to 50x50 mm can be used)
  • Save space and safe to use; Easy to handle
  • Well insulated stove body. Stove body temperatures less than 45 degree Celsius