Mission Vision

Business Strategy

Sustaintech started operations in 2011 in Tamil Nadu through direct sales. This has allowed us to better understand our customer base and how to market and sell to them. In mid 2013 with more than 1700 PYRO stoves sold we have a presence almost in every district of Tamil Nadu. Our stoves are used in road side kitchens, in dhabas, in hotels, hostels, in schools for mid day meals by food processing units preparing sweets, fried foods. Our stoves are present in more than 24 districts of Tamil Nadu. We have started limited operations in coastal Karnataka covering the three coastal districts. Our stoves are especially suitable for use in rural / semi rural schools for preparing the mid day meal and for angnwadis.

We would like to expand to all south Indian states by 2014 through different approaches. We want to partner with organizations which could be community based organizations, non profits, microfinance institutions, dealerships, with other cook stove and renewable energy companies throughout India that are already well-established and successful in their regions and areas of operation. By taking advantage of their regional expertise, we can provide our technical and business expertise and more quickly and effectively reach new customer bases. Working with different organizations as we grow, we can leverage different core competencies in each partnership to provide a better product and service to our customers.


Sustaintech currently operates in Tamil Nadu out of its headquarters in Madurai. In addition to Madurai and surrounding regions, Sustaintech also has centres in Erode and Trichy.


As we expand throughout south India, we look forward to partnering with dealers who will bring their local expertise to the table and promote pan-south India adoption of sustainable energy technologies initially and later into the rest of India.

We have added new products to suit the varied and constantly evolving need of our customers. We have also expanded beyond the initial direct sales model and are now actively seeking distributors in different regions. Our referral model where older customers are incentivised to refer our stoves to their peers is working very well and many of our users are recommending our stoves to their peers.

We are constantly improving conveniences that we can offer to our customers by responding to their feedback. We have the competency to make our stoves more fuel-efficient thus saving fuel cost. It is through our employees and our partners that we can achieve this.

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The success of a company is determined by its customer satisfaction. Thus, we do not want our relationships with our customers to end after a sale. We ensure that we continue to work with our customers so that they have the best possible experience with our products.

We believe that we can enhance the user experience by ensuring a hassle-free warranty and annual maintenance contract (AMC) options. Our full time technicians not only offer quality after sales service to our customers but also provide the company with valuable feedback on customer behaviour. Through our full-time technicians, we are available to address any of our customers' needs and ensure that Sustaintech is a long term partner to our customers.