Sustaintech currently targets the commercial market that

  1. Uses and pays for wood for fuel and
  2. Has experienced reverse migration away from other fuel types that are more expensive or less efficient.
  3. That wants and needs an improved stove but cannot afford to pay for the same in a single installment
  4. Food processing units
  5. Institutions like schools, hostels

This market includes owners of small roadside eateries, tea shops, sweet shops, snack shops, snack-making co-op members, etc.

Sustaintech focuses on these markets because there is an ideal alignment between the needs of the target customer and the benefits provided by the product. Not only does this customer base see the health and environmental benefits of a smokeless and fuel-efficient stove, but they also see the financial benefits of fuel efficiency since they regularly have to purchase their fuel. PYRO products can save as much as 35 kilograms of fuel daily, which can translate into more significant impacts on deforestation and carbon emissions. These savings amount to about Rs. 100 daily for customers, allowing for long-term financial gains for customers as well.

Through continuing dialogue with the user, Sustaintech has been able to respond to their needs. It launched its operations with two stoves – the PYRO 2ft x 3ft tava stove and the PYRO multipurpose stove 50 cms dia (MP 50). We now have four variants of the tava stove, the multipurpose stove in 3 sizes, the tea stove and the biofuel stove in 2 sizes each. This way we were able to grow our customer base and we would continue to do so through innovation.

We have also been able to offer solutions to customers located in crowded areas by designing ducts to ensure that there are no pollution related complaints. We are also offering accessories like special grates for use with charcoal so that the need of every customer is addressed.

For instance, our current customer base consists primarily of men. In an attempt to promote women's livelihood generation, we are also actively looking to engage with women's cooperative groups that engage in snack/khova making businesses. If we are able to provide appropriate technologies to these groups, we hope to diversify our customer base and support women's livelihood generation efforts.


Selvakumar of Kumar Tiffin Centre in Thiruvallarai (near Trichy) talks about his positive experince with the Sustaintech stove.