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Sustaintech India Private Limited is a social enterprise which manufactures and sells sustainable energy products, primarily fuel-efficient commercial cook stoves. It is an offshoot of Technology Informatics Design Endeavour (TIDE), a non-profit organization "devoted to promoting sustainable development through technological interventions."

TIDE recognized that some of their technologies were effective in achieving fuel efficiency, but these products were not reaching the market segments to the extent of the available potential. Realizing the power of market-based mechanisms, TIDE promoted Sustaintech to market and sell a range of its fuel-efficient cook stoves to roadside eatery owners who could more easily see the benefits from the economic, environmental, and health improvements of Sustaintech's sustainable technologies.

Sustaintech was founded in early 2009 and has successfully sold over 1700 stoves in two and a half years of operation. Currently operating in Tamil Nadu, Sustaintech is exploring ways to increase its presence in south India. With the support of partnering dealers and financial institutions, Sustaintech is attempting to foray into new markets where it can provide high quality products aimed at improving the lives of customers while simultaneously reducing the impact on deforestation.

Sustaintech currently has a direct sales model but with growing demand it would soon launch a distributor model. The stoves have been very well received by our consumers and sales through referrals provided by our users are increasing.

80,000 tons of
biomass saved

4 million USD

120,000 tons of
CO2 emission abated

A Short Film from MNRE and UNDP about Sustaintech's Story

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